Symbiosis of family and history. Behind our name lies our pride, our story, our signature. Today, this signature is affixed by two brothers: Maxime and Sébastien. Together, we have a common dream: continue the work of our elders, and set the estate established back in 1895 halfway between Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion well in the 21st century.

Symbiosis of generations. Managing the property since 2009, but always with the help of our tireless parents, Yannick and Nadine, we have undertaken to rejuvenate the style of our wines and develop our activities. Our estate therefore represents our history to this day: a clever blend of tradition and uninhibited modernism, for your tasting pleasure.


Symbiosis of tradition and modernism. We are always committed to modernising the estate and having a pleasant and spacious workspace. For our comfort, which should not be neglected, but also for products whose development will be taken to their extreme level of quality.

Let’s take for example the winecellar, renovated in 2009. This dedicated area of ​​300 m² hosts 11 stainless steel tanks for winemaking of the harvests, collected and sorted with care. These vats of 150 hectoliters each are equipped with a temperature control system which allows an individual monitoring, either during fermentation or ageing.

In another cellar, about 30 French oak barrels contain the prestige wine of the estate, the Heritage, for about 12 months. There, the wine takes on a silky texture, fleshy, full of charm and flavours of wild red fruits typical of oaky wine.


Symbiosis of agriculture and ecology. Terroir is the combination of climate, soil and grape variety. Our land is our strength but also our difference and it is important to take care of it. Long committed to sustainable agriculture, we are certified HVE since 2021 (High Environmental Value level 3) and we chose to let our terroir express itself: no herbicides, ploughing every other row, under row mechanical work (weeding and unwanted shoot pruning), reduction of carbon emissions with efficient machinery work (tractors are fit between the wheels in order to optimize the tasks: 1 run = 2 jobs).

When the job is done in the vines, our three grape varieties can then develop on rich limestone-clay soils. MERLOT brings color and suppleness, then CABERNET FRANC brings freshness and finesse. As for CABERNET SAUVIGNON, it refines the blend with its ample tannic structure, its aromas of black fruits such as blackcurrant and liquorice. A blend on which everyone agrees …



Our family started producing wine at the end of the 19th century next to the family house, still visible on our labels. The first vines were planted and a small cellar with underground concrete tanks was built in the barn where very small volumes of wine were produced and sold in bulk.


The name of “Château La Grave de Bertin” only appears in 1976 when Michel, our grand-father (on horseback on the picture above), sells his first bottle under his own brand. “La Grave” refered to the gravely soil found on the estate, “Bertin” was a reference to the passage way by the family house. It also sets the beggining of a new wine making process focused on quality with the acquisition of four first stainless steel tanks. These tanks allowed to produce bigger volumes with higher quality standards.


When our father Yannick took over in 1997, he undertook some major investments along the years. He brought the vineyard to its today size, doubleling the surface and had to renew all the machinery. He bought more steel vats, had a vat temperature control system installed and invested in a new harvesting machine to collect grapes at their best in the most efficient way.


We joined the aventure in 2009, Maxime in the vines and Sebastien in sales and marketing. This new step was outlined by the construction of a new storage building and the renovation of the tasting area.

In 2016, we develop our activities and set up “Vins & Vignobles FURT”. This commercial company aims to distribute the wines from the family vineyard along with a wide selection of wines. We carefully select partner family wineries around the Bordeaux area and some of the most exiting French producing regions.
Today, our company is working to offer wines with particular stories, environmental friendly, for every occasion while selling through independent distribution channels. No obstacle, no blabla, just an enthusiast team, with real growers behind the bottle !