Wine has united our family since 1895, firstly as winegrowers.

Our history finds its roots in the Entre-Deux-Mers geographical region,  halfway between Bordeaux and St Emilion, where our family has owned CHATEAU LA GRAVE DE BERTIN for generations. Our vineyard spreads onto 19,4 hectares (48 acres) of chalky-clay soils and still is our everyday pride.

Among beautiful scenery, this region is where we find the “Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur” Appellation, largest appellation in the Bordeaux vineyard.

This location truly is a key point to our vineyard: underground water sources bring freshness and vitality to the vines; the Pyrenees Mountains and the Landes Forest act like natural barriers to bad weather; tempered oceanic seasons brought by the Gulf Stream help the natural course of the vines.


The wine cellar is where the magic happens and where the wine comes to life. Renovated in 2009, this dedicated area of ​​300 m² houses 11 stainless steel tanks for the winemaking of our harvests, collected and sorted with care.

These vats of 150 hectoliters each are equipped with a temperature control system which allows an individual monitoring, either during fermentation or ageing.

In another cellar, the French oak barrels contain the prestige wine of the estate, the Heritage, for about 12 months. There, the wine takes on a silky texture, fleshy, full of charm and flavours of wild red fruits typical of oaky wine, balanced by special aromas, the famous wooden tannins…


Our vineyard is mainly composed around the winery of chalky clay and gravely soils which are very favorable for vine culture. Further away, other plots of land are composed of clay soils which have very good water reserves.

Early-ripening MERLOT  (70% of the vineyard) expresses its full potential on cool soils (chalky-clay soils for instance). It brings great deals of colour, red fruit aromas and suppleness in mouth.

CABERNET FRANC (20% of the vineyard) then brings its complexity to the final blend, adding an aromatic density of raspberry and violet to the freshness and finesse of the blend.

The last variety is CABERNET SAUVIGNON (10% of the vineyard). It will harmonise the blend with its tannic structure and its black fruit flavours. On gravely soils, this variety gets the necessary warmth for optimum ripening, highly usefull for the final blend.



Family owned for six generations, our family started producing wine at the end of the 19th century next to the family house, still visible on our labels. The first vines were planted and a small cellar with underground concrete tanks was built in the barn where very small volumes of wine were produced and sold in bulk.


The name of “Château La Grave de Bertin” only appears in 1976 when Michel Furt (on horseback on the first picture), sells his first bottle under his own brand. “La Grave” refered to the gravely soil found on the estate, “Bertin” was a reference to the passage way by the family house. It also sets the beggining of a new wine making process focused on quality with the acquisition of four first stainless steel tanks. These tanks allowed to produce bigger volumes with higher quality standards.


When Yannick took over his father’s work in 1997, he undertook some major investments along the years. He brought the vineyard to its today size, doubleling the surface and had to renew all the machinery. He bought more steel vats, had a vat temperature control system installed and invested in a new harvesting machine to collect grapes at their best in the most efficient way.


In 2009, Yannick and his wife Nadine were joined by their two sons, Maxime and Sébastien. Maxime is directing the estate and the vineyard and Sébastien takes on French and International trade. This arrival has also urged to expand the facilities, with the construction of a new storage building and the renovation of the tasting area to welcome people on site.

In 2016, we develop our activities and create “Vins & Vignobles FURT”. This agency distributes the wines of partners alongside our own wines. All these estates, like us, work among family with one unique philosophy : bring all the colours of our chateaux.
Château La Grave de Bertin represents today the legacy of our family: the passion for terroir wines, full of authenticity and character. More than ever, we claim our roots through our wines and those of our our partners by staying human-sized, independent and close to our customers …